# Visitors

As a visitor, you agree to follow the following rules:

  • No spamming.
  • No advertisement of any kind, e.g. Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Friend Invite Links
  • Use #bot-commands channel for bot features, e.g. !deck / !crdata
  • Use #casino for bot commands related to casino, e.g. !payday / !slot / !heist

Failure to follow these rules will get you kicked from the server. Repeat offenders will be banned.

If you would like to invite your friends to join this server, you may use this Discord invite: https://discord.royaleapi.com

Topics Description
Basic Commands General bot commands for info, images, etc.
Clash Royale: Deck Builder CR Deck Builder.
Clash Royale: Leaderboard CR Leaderboard (real-time deck search).
Clash Royale: Profile CR Profile (real-time stats check).