# Member Management

The !mm command is used to list members by a combination of role inclusion and exclusion. The basic syntax is:

!mm Alpha Competitive --exclude Elder

!mm Alpha Competitive -x Elder

which lists all members who are part of the Alpha clan, who has the Competitive role, but is not an elder.

# Full usage

!mm [-h] [-x EXCLUDE [EXCLUDE ...]]
     [-o {id,mention,mentiononly}] [-r1] [-e] [-s {join,alpha}]
     [-r {embed,csv,list,none}] [-m MACRO]
     [roles [roles ...]]

Type !help mm if you need help on using all the options.

# Find people with the member tag but are otherwise not assigned to any clans:


is an alias (shortcut) to:

!mm member -x alpha bravo charlie delta echo foxtrot golf hotel esports special

To quickly output a list of user mentions so you can contact everyone without a clan tag in a message:

!mmnoclan --output mentiononly

# Find people on the server without any role assignment:


is an alias to

!mm --everyone -x member guest visitor bot

# Additional options

Ideally, run these options in a leader-specific channel instead of #bot-commands as it could lead to potential abuse by regular members.

!mm bravo -x alphafamilylead elder -o id
Options Alias Functionality
--output id -o id Append a list of user ids for the result.
--output mention -o mention Append a string of user mentions for users displayed. This was created such that you can easily grab + mention people in that list in a message.
--output mentiononly -o mentiononly Don’t display the long list and only display the list of member mentions.
--result embed -r embed Default: show results a Discord embed.
--result none -r none Don’t show results at all. This is useful if you just want to know the count of the results, and/or optionally grab user mentions / ids.
--result csv -r csv Output as a list of comma separated values.
--result list -r list Output as a list. One member per line.
--sort alpha -- Output list that’s sorted in alphabetical order. Default is to sort by join date.