If you are mature and active in the clan and Discord, we will promote you as an elder after you have been with us for a little while. Unlike many other CR clans, we do not use donation quota nor crown contribution as a deciding factor when making these decisions. There is currently no set timeframe for when one can become an elder. The decision is completely up to the leader / co-leaders of the clan. As a point of reference, we look for the following types of activities from prospective co-leaders:

  1. Be active and helpful - both in-clan and on discord. Share decks for war, practice with other members, etc.
  2. Ask how you can help - our leadership team is always looking for help whether it's sharing decks, doing a write-up on a deck or some analysis to help our members, or maybe it's just offering to tag members on discord that need to do their attacks for war. Any of those things help us run a smoother, more successful warring family.

# Responsibilities

You have the following responsibilities as an elder in the RoyaleAPI:

  1. Accept new members
    • Check to make sure they meet minimum requirements (see below)
    • Direct the new member to the discord and explain that it's important for war: https://discord.royaleapi.com
    • Let them know that we are war-focused and review every new member to meet criteria to make us successful
    • Tag a co-leader on discord to let them know a new member has joined
  2. Set the example for other members - practice, do your war battles, share decks, throw out some friendly BM!

As an elder, you are not allowed to kick members - only accept or reject.

# Sample Greetings

Check out our sample greetings if you would like a list of copy-pasta to use for standard greetings covering most scenarios.

# Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for members to join may vary by clan - check with your leadership team. In general, you're looking for:

  1. 12+ challenge wins (higher challenge cards won = better)
  2. Decent war wins
  3. Decent trophies (current & PB)