# Sean’s Story Time

# 2018-02-05

Context: Sundowner has just been promoted to Foxtrot lead; Grim tricks Prob into joining Alpha at season-end and offers to "hold leadership" for him.

At this moment, the final piece of Grim's plan falls perfectly into place. With Sundowner unknowingly enabling Grim's master plan by taking over Foxtrot, Grim cleverly gets Prob to join Alpha and hand over the reigns to Charlie. Little did he know, that would be the last time Prob saw those reigns as Grim would go on to run Charlie for the next 7 years, refusing to give power back to Prob after his 24 hour stint in Reddit Alpha

# 2018-02-05

Grim covered his tracks by giving Prob a co-leader role. As one final, subtle slap to Prob's pixelated face, Grim set him up with vin's co-leader permissions and told AlphaBot never to listen to Prob again, fearing an eventual revolution.

# 2018-02-08

A Grim Finale, Installment #3

Continuing his efforts to build trust, Grim returns power to the unsuspecting Prob. All red flags in the #leadership community are dropped, giving the appearance that Grim truly was fulfilling a selfless act. He begins reading programming books, looking for a way to reprogram the computer that runs Reddit BMravo so he can ascend one step closer to his ultimate goal. His journey takes him to the dark web, a truly grim place, but he's confronted by a shitlamp that tells him what he's looking for is not there -- only spiders.

...to be continued...

# 2018-03-03

As we approach the end of another season, one can't help but look back on the quiet, but temporary usurpation within Reddit Charlie. Grim snatched the power from Prob's hands for 24 hours until Prob was able to wrestle it back. Now, just 2 days before the end of another season, the fear of another effort by Grim returns.

I've been on the run since I posted my first installment. Grim has sent his spies after me, including Nova I Mystic who he quickly shoved through the approval process for co-leadership under his alias "Sundowner". He's stopped many of the good guys as well -- single-handedly ended Quinten's bid for co-leadership. The truth is, Quinten knew the whole story, just like I do. The plan for ultimate Alpha conquest. He was willing to expose him, but Grim is called "grim" for a reason. Nobody's heard from Quinten since.

Grim has been quietly plotting his move for the past week, not giving any indication of his next steps on Discord. I write this short message as an urgent plea to all leaders within RoyaleAPI...