# Members

We wrote this guide to help new members on how to use Discord. This will guide you through how our server is setup and explain some useful commands you can run.

As a member, you are pre-assigned the roles Member, Practice, Tourney and your clan role. There are additional roles that you may self-assign to unlock more channels. Please see Toggle role for more details.

# Important Information

Topics Description
Rules RoyaleAPI family rules.
Roles Membership roles.
FAQ Frequently asked questions.

# Discord Information

Please also see the Visitors section for information which applies to you.

Topics Description
Channels Discord channels for members.
RoyaleAPI Day-to-day RoyaleAPI-specific commands.
Feedback Send feedback to leadership.
Discordgram Clash Royale Deck Builder.
Clan Wars Data table + Tableau Visualization for battle readiness.
Challenge Meta deck challenge with Discord role