# Kicking 50/50

When your clan becomes full, you are required to kick the last person (50/50) in the clan. You should do so as soon as it happens.

The only times that we do not kick 50/50 are:

  • 12 hrs before clan chest starts. This is to ensure that people will have time to participate in clan chest.
  • 12 hrs after clan chest has finished. This is to ensure that people will have time to open their chests.
  • 48 hrs after season resets. This is also known as the grace period.

# Procedure

  • Announce in clan that you are kicking 50/50 by saying 50/50 in clan chat.
  • Demote the member if necessary.
  • Kick
  • Go to #bot-commands and run the command !kick5050 @User. This command does the following:
    • Remove the clan tag from the user.
    • Send them a DM explaining why they have been kicked from the clan.
    • Advise them to join a lower feeder.

!> Aliases for the !kick5050 command are: !k5, !m5 and !pleb — this is to ensure that you don’t accidentally type !kick and kick someone from the server.

# Rules

  • Co-leaders are not exempt from being kicked.
  • Elders are not allowed to kick 50/50.