# Moderators

Moderators on the server have the MOD role. They can run some additional commands.

# Commands

Command Description
alias Manage per-server aliases for commands.
ban Bans user and deletes last X days worth of messages.
blacklist Bans user from using the bot
cleanup Deletes messages.
customcom Custom commands management.
editrole Edits roles settings
filter Adds/removes words from filter
ignore Adds servers/channels to ignorelist
kick Kicks user.
modset Manages server administration settings.
mute Mutes user in the channel/server
names Show previous names/nicknames of a user
reason Lets you specify a reason for mod-log’s cases
rename Changes user’s nickname
softban Kicks the user, deleting 1 day worth of messages.
togglerole Toggle roles. Read how to set settings.
unignore Removes servers/channels from ignorelist
unmute Unmutes user in the channel/server
whitelist Users who will be able to use the bot

# Official Red Docs

There are not that many custom written mod-only commands on the RoyaleAPI server. As such, you can additionally consult the Red Docs: Commands(opens new window) for moderator-specific documenation.