# Role Management

!changerole is our universal role management command and is able to add and remove mutliple roles in a single command.

# Making changes to multiple roles


!changerole member +role_to_add -role_to_remove

!changerole @member "+role to add" "-role to remove"

Multi-word roles must be surrounded with quotes, with the operator to add (+) and remove (-) inside the quote. As above, member can be just the name or @mention. Examples:

# Adding a single role

!changerole SML Delta

# Adding multiple roles

!changerole SML Delta Member

# Removing role(s)

!changerole SML -Delta -Member

# Adding and removing role(s)

!changerole SML Delta Member Tourney Recruit -Visitor

# Adding and removing roles with spaces

!changerole SML Delta "+Delta Lead" "-Foxtrot Lead"

# Multi-add/remove role

These two commands !multiaddrole and !multiremoverole allow you to easily add / remove the same role to / from multiple users.

!multiaddrole <role> [members...]

!multiaddrole rolename User1 User2 User3

!multiremoverole <role> [members...]

!multiremoverole rolename User1 User2 User3

As with other role management commands, you can use name / name + discriminator / user mention for the user fields.

# Member to Visitor



Convert a list of members to visitors. This is usually used during auditing to convert a list of members without clan tags into visitors quickly. It will remove all default member roles (Member, Recruit, Tourney) and add the Visitor role in one go.

!m2v <@70901400430718976> <@!237016475406172161>

# Visitor to Member



Convert a visitor into a member while adding all default member roles (Member, Recruit, Tourney). Optionally include additional roles to add. e.g. Someone mentioned in #welcome that they are from Charlie and you have verified that they are in fact in Charlie in-app:

!v2m UserName Charlie

# Role History

!rolehist displays the the complete role history of any user, including the dates when roles are added / removed. Syntax: !rolehist \[username\] e.g. !rolehist SML

To re-initialize the database, type: !rolehistinit— this will re-populate the database in case new members have joined when the bot is down.