Leaders should perform periodic audits on their clans to make sure that the Discord membership + roles are the same as that in-app.

  • Verify that members with the clan tag on Discord are in fact in the clan in-app. If not, remove clan tag from Discord (but do not remove the Member role).
  • Note the list of members in the clan who are not on Discord and ask them to join the Discord server.
  • Assign clan roles to members.
  • After all the clans have completed their audits, people with only the Member role on the server but without any clan assignments can be changed to Visitor.

Audit the entire family

!racfaudit run or !racfa run is our all-in-one bot command that will auto-audit the entire family. It does the following:

  • Using the API, fetches every single member from our clans.
  • Identify members who have not set their tags on Discord (where you should !r v them).
  • Identify members who have the Elder role but not yet promoted in CR.
  • Identify members who have specific clan tags but are not in fact in the clan.
  • Identify members who do not have the correct clan roles.

Show results specific only to your clan

!racfa run -c alpha

Add/remove all necessary roles

!racfa run --exec

Search members by name

!racfaudit search

alias !rs (no space)

Sample usage:

!rs joh

Jo͛hͥn̽ #8L9L9GL, Reddit Alpha, Co-Leader, 5278
John #9LL0VQ8L, Reddit Alpha, Co-Leader, 5225
John™ #PL22YQUY, Reddit Alpha, Elder, 5217

Note that it will detect and convert accented characters but !rs john will not find Jo͛hͥn̽ as the last accent is in fact too complex.

!rs -l wo

Woody #8L9J29, Reddit Alpha, Leader, 5285
swoleytien #PR0GV29C, Reddit Echo, Elder, 4844
SenzTwo #2QG089JU2, Reddit Foxtrot, Member, 4396
mr.wolf #29VUV8QPY, Reddit Golf, Member, 4403
Sword Slash #8YY289C8, Reddit Hotel, Elder, 4241
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