# Auditing

Leaders should perform periodic audits on their clans to make sure that the Discord membership + roles are the same as that in-app.

  • Verify that members with the clan tag on Discord are in fact in the clan in-app. If not, remove clan tag from Discord (but do not remove the Member role).
  • Note the list of members in the clan who are not on Discord and ask them to join the Discord server.
  • Assign clan roles to members.
  • After all the clans have completed their audits, people with only the Member role on the server but without any clan assignments can be changed to Visitor.

# Audit the entire family

!racfaudit run or !racfa run is our all-in-one bot command that will auto-audit the entire family. It does the following:

  • Using the API, fetches every single member from our clans.
  • Identify members who have not set their tags on Discord (where you should !r v them).
  • Identify members who have the Elder role but not yet promoted in CR.
  • Identify members who have specific clan tags but are not in fact in the clan.
  • Identify members who do not have the correct clan roles.

# Show results specific only to your clan

!racfa run -c alpha

# Add/remove all necessary roles

!racfa run --exec

# Search members by name

!racfaudit search

alias !rs (no space)

Sample usage:

!rs joh

Jo͛hͥn̽ #8L9L9GL, Reddit Alpha, Co-Leader, 5278
John #9LL0VQ8L, Reddit Alpha, Co-Leader, 5225
John™ #PL22YQUY, Reddit Alpha, Elder, 5217

Note that it will detect and convert accented characters but !rs john will not find Jo͛hͥn̽ as the last accent is in fact too complex.

!rs -l wo

Woody #8L9J29, Reddit Alpha, Leader, 5285
swoleytien #PR0GV29C, Reddit Echo, Elder, 4844
SenzTwo #2QG089JU2, Reddit Foxtrot, Member, 4396
mr.wolf #29VUV8QPY, Reddit Golf, Member, 4403
Sword Slash #8YY289C8, Reddit Hotel, Elder, 4241