# Miscellaneous Commands

# Kick 50/50



Remove a member’s clan tag and send them a DM telling them that they have been kicked for being 50/50 and ask that they join a feeder clan.

!kick5050 UserName

!k5 UserName

# Mention Role

Enable you to mention a role that‘s not mentionable.

!mentionrole Delta Anyone who is 4.6k+ please move up to Charlie.

# DM Users

This allows you to send a DM (Direct Message) to a list of users. Good for asking people to update their clan tags when auditing.

Typical workflow: you find a list of users without clan tags and output their Discord mentions:

!mmnoclan --output mention

…followed by copying the list of mentions and used as parameter to send DMs:

!dmusers "Hi there you have no clan tag assigned. Please use the bot command !changeclan \ on the RoyaleAPI server to update your roles. You will be converted into visitors if you don’t \ do so in 24 hrs." <@70901400430718976> <@!237016475406172161> <@223568673539883020> \ <@258257768182448129> <@!277614984731557889> <@304806109976330250> <@98452778896076800> \ <@262287777930936331> <@198274673996201984>