# Rules

Welcome to the home of the RoyaleAPI Clan Family (RACF)!  We are the best place to discuss and practice high-level competitive Clash Royale in a fun and friendly setting. To define our clan family's purpose and promote our members' enjoyment of the game, we establish the following rules:

  1. Treat others with respect. Refrain from any speech that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, libelous; or racially, sexually, religiously, or otherwise discriminatory in nature.
  2. Play fair. Play your best in every game, especially against fellow clanmates! Do not post instructions for or use any unauthorized third-party software while playing the game.
  3. Always be pushing. We value motivated, active players that seek to improve the overall standing of our clan family. If you are #50 when the clan fills you may be kicked and asked to join a lower clan in our feeder system.
  4. Advance through the feeder system. Once you are consistently ranked significantly above the trophy minimum of the next higher clan in the feeder system, you are required to move up to the next clan. This does not apply to clan Leaders and Co-Leaders or clans with fewer than 45 members.
  5. Follow Leader instructions. Leaders and Co-Leaders support and promote active, loyal members to help run the clan. Help them make our clan family the best it can be by following instructions and discussing any issues here or on our Discord server(opens new window) .

# Clan War Rules

  1. Must participate in clan wars. We are a clan war family. War participation is mandatory. This means playing all 3 collection day battles and all war day battles. If you are unable to participate, please notify clan leaders on Discord by mentioning them, e.g. @B-Lead and moving to one of our vacation clans RoyaleAPI Z.
  2. Play at least one Collection Day battle before leaving. If you need to leave the clan to trade / participate in tourneys / visit a friend, please remember to play in at least one Collection Day battle before you live. This ensures that you will participate in the war. One less participant results in much less cards and thus lower card levels for the clan.

# Trade Rules

  1. Do not invite outsiders to trade with you in the clan. Most of our clans go to war with 50 members. When you invite outsiders to trade with you, you are taking away the space reserved for other members to play their battles. If the clan is at 45/50 members, there is a very high chance that five members were out trading. If you need to trade with anyone, you can go to RoyaleAPI T and still keep Member role on Discord.
  2. Read the text that accompanies each trade. Most of the trades are reserved for other members. Please make you that you don’t snipe other people’s trades. If your trade was sniped or you have accidentally sniped someone else’s trade, please resolve the issue with the affected parties. You can additionally report the incident to a Leader. We will handle the disputes on Discord.
  3. Discord Auto-Audit. Sometimes when you are out trading, you will notice that your membership on Discord has been revoked. Do not be alarmed. Our Discord membership roles get audited often to ensure that it reflects the membership status of our clans in-app. If you cannot see family chat anymore, ask a Co-Leader to verify your clan membership again once you’ve come back. Long-time members can apply for a special role that will prevent auditing from removing your Member role altogether.

# Note for Leaders

The clan description should include a note indicating your current trophy minimum or PB trophy requirement, as well as a link to our Discord server. If you have space, note the next clan above and below you in our feeder system (with clan tags). Your trophy requirement should be set so that it is approximately equal to the ranking of the 25th member in your clan. Please reach out to players via in-game chat, Discord, or clan mail to explain rules 3 & 4 when they will be kicked for being outside of your clan's trophy range.